Teaching Method

In line with the developing and changing world, BU-TÖMER follows current language teaching methods and learning techniques, and teaches Turkish to its students in the fastest and easiest way by synthesizing the methods that are most appropriate to the structure and nature of Turkish language. The courses are planned within the framework of the qualifications in the European Language Portfolio. In this context, the aim is not teaching grammar-oriented language to students, but teaching language in a communication-oriented way, in other words, in a way they can actively use Turkish in daily life. In this language teaching process, equal attention is paid to students' listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. In addition, grammar is explained not directly, but by means of intuition. 

In measurement and evaluation, which are important parts of language teaching, examinations are prepared on the basis of four basic language skills. In these examinations, language skills of the students taught and measured indirectly in writing and speaking exams. Also, in addition to the courses, speaking and writing clubs are organized to improve the students' expression skills, and various activities are organized for students to use Turkish correctly, beautifully and effectively. Support is also received from student clubs of our university for such events.