Academic Turkish Course

For Academic Turkish Course, YTB-Turkey Scholarship students who are receiving undergraduate-graduate and doctorate education in different departments of Beykent University, can apply. 

120 hours of academic Turkish education will be given to the students whose applications are accepted within the scope of a program to be announced in line with the demands. The content and hours of the lessons will be determined later, and the lessons are planned to be delivered after 18:00 in the evening.


  1. The 120-hour course fee is 300 USD.
  2. 80% attendance is compulsory.
  3. "Academic Turkish Certificate" will be given to those who succeed in the exam.
  4. Classes will be created in the form of social and science-health sciences.
  5. Course contents will be in the form of preparing homework, preparing presentations, examining academic texts in social / science-health fields.